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Report the use of public resources during campaigns

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What the law says about use of public resources in political campaigns

The Constitution of Kenya.

The Constitution establishes the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, IEBC, which is responsible for conducting elections and referenda. The Commission is independent, meaning in the performance of its functions, it is not subject to the direction or control of any person or authority.

The Constitution grants four (4) types of rights to participate in an election which are:
  1. Right to be registered as a voter;
  2. Right to vote by secret ballot in any election or referendum;
  3. Right to be a candidate and if elected, right to hold a public office; and
  4. Right to join and participate in a political party.

Article 10 of the Constitution provides for national values and principles that are to be observed during elections. These values include good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability.

The Constitution provides for the freedom of citizens to exercise their political rights, for gender equity in elective bodies and for persons with disabilities to be fairly represented. Principles of free and fair elections are to be observed in elections, bear Read more...

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